Melody Green: Merciful Shock


Melody is a firecracker, yet sweet as candy. She has a best friend of many years named Denzel who is Melody’s voice of reason. Even though Melody is very tenacious, he always guides her. Melody witnessed a man being hit by a car and later finds out that he was actually running away from a murder scene. Michael Milhouse meets Melody and finds out the hard way that if something doesn't feel right to her, she will continue until everything makes sense. Melody has a gut feeling that the death of the man she saw running, the murders of a young magazine editor and Michael's daughter are tied...but how? Merciful Shock is book one of a series of three

Melody Green: Merciful Shock (Audiobook) Available Mid April


Melody Green: Merciful Shock has come to life in this audiobook adaption produced by Vinselona Productions

Melody Green: Narcissistic Trance

ISBN-10: 1796675342

As Melody and her best friend Denzel prepare themselves for Michael Milhouse's murder trial, unexpected visitors show up on Melody's porch, each with different motives.
While Melody's life is in turmoil and her friends are being forced into a life of danger, she has to figure out how to save her friends....and herself.

Melody Green: Firefly's Reprisal

Coming Summer of 2019

Old friends Melody and Denzel, along with their new friend Ava are back in Tamisville, USA but things are not the same and Melody is determined to make them right.

Cedar Tree Dispatch produced by Vinselona Productions.

Actors: Robert Barbour and Sabrina Bergman


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