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Please enjoy the FULL Book Trailer for all three books of The Melody Green Series!

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Melody Green: Firefly's Reprisal


Old friends Melody and Denzel, along with their new friend Ava, are back in Tamisville, USA, but things are not the same and Melody is determined to make things right. The "Life Clipper" has been chasing behind Melody's every move with threats of harm. Melody's life depends on stopping the "Life Clipper" in their tracks before her friends continue to disappear. Where is Susan? What happened to Adam? Will Melody find it within herself to forgive her mother? What about Ava? Will she ever come to grips with her father's involvement that resulted in Denzel getting injured? Find out all answers in this third installment of the Melody Green Series.

This is a very suspenseful read!  That Melody is a firecracker!

S. Bergman


I couldn't put the book down because I had to know what happened next!

C. Hood

...I was guessing up until the end of the book. Very well done indeed

A. G.

Kind words from Actor Stephen Kramer Glickman
Stephen Kramer Glickman!
Fun shout out from rapper Mystikal!!!
Rapper Mystikal gives Melody a shout out!

Celebrity Shout-outs to Author Michelle D Farrell

Book 4 of The Melody Green Series Coming Soon!

April 2020

Book 5 of The Melody Green Series Coming July 2020


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