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Please enjoy the FULL Book Trailer for the first three books of The Melody Green Series!

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Ava Rose: Phantasmagoria


Four boys from Margie F Purcell High are missing. One is discovered dead. As the day goes on, Ava Rose Hernandez sees strange happenings and she begins to think that it is all in her head. While babysitting a young boy, the child says something to Ava that catches her attention. As the little boy shuts down because he had vowed secrecy, Ava turns to her wise and adventurous friends Melody Nicole Green and her fiance’Denzel Roberts for help and hopes of finding the missing teens. As the school comes together as one, Ava befriends a quiet but sassy new girl named Amber Green who Ava believes is related to Melody, but Melody has never heard of her. Who is she? Where did she come from? How does she disappear in front of Ava’s eyes? Ava and her boyfriend get an invitation to an exclusive party at the Tamisville Cemetery and things turn bad. Ava was able to overcome the Life Clipper before, can she defeat an unknown and unseen force?

phan·tas·ma·go·ri·a noun a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.

This is book 4 of The Melody Green Series

This is a very suspenseful read!  That Melody is a firecracker!

S. Bergman


I couldn't put the book down because I had to know what happened next!

C. Hood

...I was guessing up until the end of the book. Very well done indeed

A. G.

Kind words from Actor Stephen Kramer Glickman
Stephen Kramer Glickman!
Fun shout out from rapper Mystikal!!!
Rapper Mystikal gives Melody a shout out!

Celebrity Shout-outs to Author Michelle D Farrell

Book 5 of The Melody Green Series Coming July 2020


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